Sight Support Derbyshire

Sight Support Derbyshire exists to provide essential support and services to blind and partially sighted people to help them to become independent.

Established in 1914, Sight Support Derbyshire has been serving the visually impaired community in Derbyshire for over 100 years and is a registered charity (1080986).

Far more than just a shoulder to lean on, Sight Support Derbyshire helps provide understanding, support and information about visual impairment, with a variety of Services including a Help-line, VIP Information Days, Support groups and Activities.

Recent additions to our services include a department dedicated to helping children and young people with a visual impairment, a Community Champions scheme to make our services more accessible to Black, Minority and Ethnic communities, and visual impairment Information Days, set up to give people with a visual impairment access to information about aids and equipment, support in their area or financial support.

Our aim is to extend our services to benefit every visually impaired person in Derbyshire.

SSD Logo


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