……It’s Christmas!

Christmas Trees at the Spire Church in Chesterfield

treeThe Church of Saint Mary and All Saints hosted the Christmas Tree SSD treefestival in November. Over 100 decorated trees adorned the aisles, alter and nave around the church, whilst festive music played for visitors.

The trees were individually and imaginatively decorated and installed by local businesses and organisations – Sight Support Derbyshire having their own tree as part of the display (pictured right).


‘Party on’ in Clay Cross

Xmas PartyTo celebrate a positive second year, the North East Derbyshire Project Groups gathered for a Christmas Party at the Social Centre in Clay Cross. Members from all the groups from across the project came together to have a fun afternoon of food and entertainment.

Thanks to Ernie Allen for the entertainment – singing songs from the 40s swing era and more recent Christmas tunes, which got a few feet moving and dancing. dancing

With 70 visually impaired members joining in the festivities, and volunteers and Sight Support staff helping out, it was a fabulous festive party!  Thank you to all the Volunteers who helped out making the party a success, volunteersfrom driving and guiding our members, to serving food and helping with drinks and coats, they were all kept very busy. kitchen staff

Thanks also go to……  The Clay Cross Social Centre staff – Irene, Brian, Louise & Joni – who did a great job with the catering, serving and helping out (pictured to the right).

Martyn & crackerscongaAnd to Martyn for his hard work in making and donating 70+ Christmas crackers – for everyone at the party – Martyn pictured to the left with some of the crackers in his festive outfit.

The entertainment also prompted a spontaneous conga and some festive high kicks from some of the members and volunteers (pictured right and below).

high kicksparty table





There was also a raffle prize draw, with the main prize of a packed Christmas Hamper won by Winnie.

“What a lovely time we’ve had”,  “Thanks for organising such a fun afternoon ladies!” and “You’ve really made Christmas for me” are just some of the comments made about the party from the members who came along.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Until Next Time…….

Diane Naylor – North East Derbyshire Development Worker




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