Our Latest results….good news!

We now have a new link on the right hand side of our blog page, which shows a ‘radar chart’ of statistics (please click on the chart type image), showing a summary of results from health and well-being questionnaires undertaken with service users who attend our groups and activities here in North East Derbyshire.

Everyone who has taken part in our activities on a regular basis has been asked a set of questions regarding their health and well-being at the start of their involvement and then again around 6 months later, to see what impact of the project has had on their lives. The results take an average of those results and shows an overall improvement in many ways. (The yellow bar on the chart shows the results before their involvement and the green bar shows the results 6 months later).

The chart demonstrates the growth in confidence and improvement in many areas of the lives of the visually impaired people who have joined in with our project – particularly in ‘knowledge of services available’, ‘feeling happy’, ‘feeling useful’ and in general ‘life satisfaction’. This is great news for the Project and a positive way to start the Summer….

Until next time

Diane Naylor – North East Derbyshire Development Worker

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4 Responses to Our Latest results….good news!

  1. That’s fantastic news! Well done to everyone on the NE Derbyshire team!

  2. Awesome guys. That’s what you call making a difference.

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