Travelling the globe!

Please take the time to be inspired by two travelling globetrotters and bloggers – Richard Williams and Alistair Ford……


Richard Williams:

Hi, my name is Richard. I’m a qualified rehabilitation worker for the visually impaired. I was employed as such by Sight Support Derbyshire, and worked across much of the county.

Last year I decided to take a break from working and travel the world, a passion of mine since a young age many moons ago. The idea was also to write and photograph my experiences.  To support this, I created a blog entitled ‘A Grumpy Old Gap Year’, read infrequently by one man and his dog…..though the dog has now cancelled his subscription!

Most recently I travelled to Paris with ‘Traveleyes’, a company that specialises in escorted holidays for the visually impaired. In doing this, they also take paying sighted travellers to act as guides. Holidays include both sightseeing and activity based; and go all over the world. For inspiration as to what can be achieved, please read ‘Borders without Barriers’ at:


Alistair Ford:

Hello, I’m Alistair, I have been a member of Sight Support Derbyshire since 2006 when I was diagnosed with Cone Dystrophy which is a genetic eye disorder that affects the cones in the back of both eyes causing my eyes to be extremely sensitive to light and loss of central vision. There are a lot of things I have had to give up doing because of my eyesight, but one thing I still enjoy doing is my hobby of photography.

I have set up a Facebook page and blog where I share my photos from our favourite Greek island of Zakynthos, which showcases my photography and videos taken on the island. I hope you enjoy viewing them – links to the Facebook page and blog are below:


Thanks for looking!

….Until next time.

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