Focus Day in Chesterfield

Focus Day group activitesWe had a great turnout for our North East Derbyshire Focus Day on 16 October – with around 40 people with visual impairment, companions and volunteers attending the day.

The aims of the ‘workshop’ style day were to find out what people had learned & got out of coming along to the groups and activities, what they felt they had achieved and overcome, and also to see what improvements, changes and new ideas they had for the future of the project. Everyone who has been attending group activities in all North East Derbyshire areas were invited, and it was good to see so many join in with the day. Attendees worked together in small table groups, sharing feedback, comments and thoughts, with Sight Support staff and with each other.

Attendees at the focus groupMany people remarked at how their confidence had grown: ‘I didn’t want to meet people at first, but coming to the group has built my confidence’ , ‘Joining the group helped me to motivate myself’ , ‘I’ve gained confidence in talking to other people’

Others explained that they felt less isolated by being part of a group activity: ‘I feel happier now than I did before I started attending the group’ , ‘Coming along to the social group and meeting new friends has made me feel less isolated’.Group activity - Focus Day in chesterfield

Other feedback includes learning from each other and finding out about other services and equipment available: ‘Finding out about  a talking watch, phone and white stick has been very useful’ , ‘I’ve learned from talking to others at the groups about how to do things differently – like making a cup of tea safely or using bumpons’. ‘Having a joint activity is good, so we can meet new people and find out what they do too. It would be good to continue sharing useful information with each other at days like these’

Thoughts on future activities and improvements included new trips out, new activities and Volunteers at Focus daypossibly revisiting activities already done, ‘I really enjoyed the chairobics – could we do this again?’ , ‘I’d like to have more opportunities like this in the future to share tips and ideas to help each other and to discuss things that are bothering us practically & emotionally’.

Following the workshop sessions lunch was served – many thanks to the Saints Parish Centre in Chesterfield for the lovely lunch and cake!  A big thank you to everyone who took part on the day and for the valuable feedback given. This will all help towards shaping the future of the North East Derbyshire Project.

Until next time!

Diane Naylor – North East Derbyshire Development Worker


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2 Responses to Focus Day in Chesterfield

  1. Claire Winfield says:

    It’s great that so many people were able to attend and give feedback on the project so far. It also sounds like some good ideas came out for future work. I’m really pleased that it went well.

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