Successful Launch Day in Chesterfield

Chesterfield office gate & balloonsThe North East Derbyshire Project held their launch day on the 11th September at the Sight Support Derbyshire’s Chesterfield office on St. Margarets Drive. We were lucky with the weather and so were able to have the tombola outside in the courtyard along with seating for our visitors.

Pictured to the left is our newly painted yellow front gate – look out for this along St Margarets Drive to find our offices!

The launch day was a great opportunity for everyone to share information and learn new things from the display boards about eye health awareness,  services available through the project, and a chance to discuss things with the Sight Support staff and each other. One lady said “I never realised that smoking could affect your eyes so much – I didn’t know about that before”.

Visitors to launch dayOver 30 visitors called in throughout the day, including several people with a visual impairment & thier companions, Sight Support Chief Executive (Claire Winfield), Consultant Peter Stone, as well as staff from Derbyshire Carers, VSPA and the NHS. One visitor said “It’s good to know what’s happening in the area and what help is available, we know who to refer people onto for support”. Another visitor remarked “The revamp of the offices is great and the information is really useful, its been good to meet the staff and find out more about things to do around here”

Visitors to the Launch dayLaunch day visitors







Eye Health Awareness Week – 22-28 September 2014

Eye health Awareness display boards
Project staff have been busy promoting eye health awareness and the North East Derbyshire project around the area during the ‘National Eye Health Week’.

Pictured to the left are our eye health awareness display boards and information, which were used at some of the events, talks and at our launch – to promote eye health and provide useful information.

During eye health week we gave a talk to a group in Clay Cross, had a display stand at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital, and joined in with the information day at both the Bolsover and Chesterfield Libraries. Altogether we had 72 visitiors attending the events, with around a third taking positive action to look after thier eye health and nearly 100% feeling more informed by attending. Some comments from the events inlcude: “I didn’t know that eye tests were free for the over 60’s, I’m going to get my eyes tested more regularly now”,   “I’m definitely getting my sunglasses mended and wear them more” and “I might try some kale – I didn’t know it had vitamins in it that could help my eyes”.

Thanks for looking and Bye for now….

Diane Naylor – North East Derbyshire Project

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  1. maureen Clarke says:

    it all looked great.

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