‘Mad as a Hatter’….

Social group members from the Chesterfield and Bolsover areas came together for an afternoon of fun and games at the “Mad Hatters Tea Party” earlier in July.

The Parish Rooms in Chesterfield were decorated in the theme of Alice in Wonderland along with many of the members who dressed up for the occasion in a true mad hatter style.

afternoon tea at mad hatters partyPictured to the left are Eileen and Margaret in fancy dress outfits enjoying a chat, along with their “drink me” drinks and “eat me” cakes.

Margaret was also the winner of the best fancy dress outfit on the day, and was delighted with her prize of a large print copy of Alice in Wonderland.

Maureen as a tea bag


Pictured to the left  is Maureen,  Chesterfield Project Worker, dressed as a Tea Bag joining in the fun whilst ensuring everyone is having a good time.



In addition to the food and drink the afternoon also included a raffle and an Alice in Wonderland quiz . Around 30 people with visual impairment along with some of their carers and companions took part in the jollities. Below are quotes and feedback from some of those who came along:

“We are glad we came along it has been  wonderful!”

“What are we going to do next to top this afternoon”

What next for the Project?

We have lots of regular groups taking place throughout North East Derbyshire over the coming months, as well as some fantastic one-off trips. So if you would like to get involved or find out more about what’s happening why not give us a call….

Thanks for looking, bye for now

Karen Robinson – North East Derbyshire Services Manager

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