Building Project Foundations….

As well as setting up new groups in the area (which we will let you know about soon), we are pleased to announce that the overhaul of our Chesterfied and Bolsover Offices is now complete. Both offices have had a big sort out tidy and up, getting everything up to date and freshened up.

Photos below show the office at Chesterfield BEFORE the overhaul….

'BEFORE' Reception area 'BEFORE' Main office

Here’s a few photos from the Chesterfield sort out, with Karen, Chloe and Maureen caught in action…..

Tidying and sorting - Karen / Chloe Chesterfield outside tidy up - Maureen






The Chesterfield Offices have also been re-decorated and re-carpeted, making a real difference to the reception area and working spaces.

Karen, Maureen and Chloe have been busy bees undertaking the sort out, and can now reep the benefits, along with our volunteers and visually impaired members, of having light and clear working areas as well as much improved and more open reception and visitor spaces.

Final photos below are of the offices at Chesterfield AFTER the re-decoration – what a difference!

Reception area ChesterfieldKaren main office desk




Resource area




We’ve also been busy setting up and developing the Project Leaflet, which our visually impaired group members have been consulted about.

Countdown to Launch Day….

Now that staff memers are recruited to the North East Derbyshire Project and our offices are sorted out, we would like to welcome you to our Project Launch Day on:

Thursday 11th September 2014 at the Chesterfield Office – 1, St., Margaret’s Drive, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S40 4SY.

The office will be an ‘open house’ between 10am and 3pm

Please come along and have a look for yourself at the changes that have been made to the office, meet the staff team, find out about our services & other information on sight loss, and try out aids & equipment.

If you would like any further information or would like to get involved in the North East Derbyshire Project please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in September!

Watch out for news on the Project in our future blogs…

Bye for now….

Diane Naylor – North East Derbyshire Project Development Worker


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2 Responses to Building Project Foundations….

  1. Offices looking great!

  2. maureen Clarke says:

    yes they are really good to work in now

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